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Precision casting method using water-based release agent
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Precision casting process in a material is indispensable in the process of production of precision casting products, this material is called the release agent. Then the precision casting factory often face the issue of substandard quality precision castings, such as precision casting with bubbles, inclusions, pores and mold sticking problem, in fact, all these problems and demoulding agent selection

Characteristics of 1, water-based release agent

Water-based release agents the use of refined oil and many kinds of additive prepared by emulsifying the.

Quality release agent mostly by L5 - 25 kinds of raw material preparation, in which the key ingredients or additives to change 1%, the removal of the model will have great difference. Will also bring great changes to the cost and price. Release agent each kind of model has its best application scope and object, if you use the wrong object, then high quality products can not play its effectiveness.

The relationship between the 2 selection and quality of die casting, mold release agent

Differences of water-based release agent composition and content of effective components, began to stick to the initial temperature on the surface of the die that wettability temperature is different, that is to say the initial temperature form a truly effective films of different. Practice shows that: release agent type, concentration, mold temperature, spraying method and quantity directly influence the quality of die casting, specific performance is as follows,

Atomization bad or uneven dispersion, the vaporization time prolonged, filling to form a high vapor pressure cause the membrane porosity.

The film thickness, film forming solution with slow, flow mark, leading to volume gas and surface wrinkling deposition.

The film is too thin, local film rupture, leading to release is not good, bite, traces.

The mould temperature and mould release agent adhesive sticky lip temperature is not coordinated, release agent, wettability and high temperature, low mold temperature is not easy adhesion, film forming slow.

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